Creationeers for the future

We are Oza Holdings, Creationeers in the Mining and Manufacturing sectors with assets covering Coal, Cement and Vanadium.

As Creationeers, we are versatile, imaginative problem solvers who improve whatever we touch. We operate with quiet confidence, honesty and reliability, providing a sense of security to all who deal with us. We are trusted experts, committed to excellence, achieving our goals by understanding the needs of others and providing only the highest quality solutions.

People are central to our business and we strive to develop our employees to be effective leaders in their areas of expertise. We make a difference by prioritising safety and care for the environment and communities we operate in.

Oza Holdings

Management Team

Tushar Agrawal

Tushar Agrawal

Tushar is the Group Managing Director and is responsible for the Group’s strategic growth. He has a business administration degree and hands-on operational and commercial experience. Tushar’s extensive experience includes international and South African coal markets, exploration and mining, beneficiation, coal shipping and logistics, and cement business development.

Nitin Agrawal

Nitin Agrawal

Nitin Agrawal is the Executive Director responsible for Ikwezi Mining and Ikwezi Resources. With his background in IT and in depth knowledge of exploration and mining projects, Nitin brings a technologically adept approach to the business. Nitin has vast experience in acquisition and development of exploration and mining projects and has been involved in jump-starting projects from their nascent stages. Under his leadership the group has acquired several greenfield and brownfield projects for coal, iron ore, limestone and waste tyre recycling. His role has led to the successful commencement of mining operations at Ikwezi Mining and Ikwezi Resources, and is responsible for their expansion. He is passionate about utilising each resource to its fullest potential be it coal or his team.

Freddie Strydom

Freddie Strydom

Freddie Strydom is the appointed COO for Ikwezi Resources and is responsible for all mining operations in the Group. Freddie holds a Master of Business Degree from the Business School Netherlands. Freddie has an extensive mining career that started in 1984 with Anglo American. During his 35 year experience Freddie had gained experience in the Mining, Mechanical and Civil engineering, Metallurgical Processing, Tailings disposal and Reclamation fields. Freddie also held Director positions in Environmental, Civil and Mining Projects (ECMP) & Stefanutti Stocks Mining Services (SSMS).
Freddie’s entrepreneurial skills has led ECMP to start a contract mining division in 2005 and when ECMP was acquired by Stefanutti Stocks in 2008 Freddie was a Director at Stefanutti Stocks for its contract mining division. Freddie led the substantial growth of the mining division until beginning 2019.

Zaheer Surkha

Zaheer Surka

Zaheer is the Executive Director responsible for Zarbon Coal, HR and strategic development of new ventures. A Chartered Accountant by profession, prior to becoming a founding member of the Group in 2006, he worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Investec Bank. Zaheer has significant experience in Mineral Resources, Business Development, Trading and Logistics, with a particular focus on coal.

Vision, mission and values


To pioneer and create innovative businesses which become benchmarks in their fields. To have a positive human impact, enhancing quality of life for the communities in which we work.


We bring our vision to life by

  • Making people our greatest asset, harnessing their skills and dedication
  • Focusing our efforts on sustainable growth
  • Continuously improving skills development, operational efficiencies and business processes
  • Forging mutually beneficial partnerships with all stakeholders
  • Promoting a clean, safe and healthy work environment


The way in which we conduct ourselves reflects our purpose, priorities and beliefs. We uphold these with everyone we interact with – from staff to clients.

  • We act with integrity and engage with mutual respect
  • We prioritise quality and encourage high level performance
  • We promote teamwork, embrace diversity and are passionate about co-creating a positive workplace
  • We promote wellness, work safety and care for our communities